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Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes
“The aroma of cherries rises from the background of anise, chocolate, and toasty oak. The mouth explodes with a grand volume of cherry flavor, which is carried to the finish by the well integrated, friendly tannin.” John Kongsgaard, Winemaker.

Vineyard Source
The Following breakdown of the four vineyards contributing the Stanley’s fruit:
1. Price Vineyard: 1+ acre planting, contiguous to Spottswoode – early ripening. Low yield production with excellent sugar/acid ratio.
2. Walther Vineyard: 2+ acres planting near Caymus Vineyards– alluvial canyon soil. Grace Family clone – close planting for added stress.
3. Corbett Vineyard: 1+ acre also adjacent to the Moffett Vineyard. We planted this vineyard ourselves in 1987.
4. Harris Vineyard: 1acre planted adjacent to our Moffett Vineyard
5. Snowden Vineyard: mountain vineyard source, sold fruit to Silver Oak, Vine Cliff and Rombauer. Now they keep all their fruit and produce a high end Cabernet under their own label
6. Rockpile Vineyard: Alluvial knoll – mid valley, north of St. Helena. Chosen for fruit flavors and balance. People still talk about the small production we did in ’94 of this wine as a single vineyard, quite a remarkable vineyard. Now controlled by one of the giants in the valley. Too bad!